Global Metals & Coin Recovery (HK) Co., Limited

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  • Scrap & damaged coins

  • Damaged foreign banknotes

  • Scrap precious metals

  • Collectors coins

  • Unwanted jewellery & antiques

          We offer the best prices for vintage or broken jewellery and retro/antique/vintage household itmes.

          We help bureaux de change, money exchange services and charities in Europe and North America to exchange Asian coins in their possession.

          We buy scrap precious metal include precious metal plated items at market leading prices.

          We exchange scrap & damaged coins for businesses and individuals. Our clients include scrap metal plants and metal detecting hobbyists.

Unwanted jewellery & antiques

Asian coins

Scrap precious metals

Scrap & damaged coins

          We buy and sell wholesale coins from charity and fundraising collections, and also help businesses to exchange mixed foreign coins in large quantities.


        Global Metals & Coin Recovery (HK) Co., Limited is a company that is registered and regulated in HongKong. Our primary function is as coin dealers, helping to exchange and redistribute coins. We are also part of a recycling market for scrap precious metals and unwanted jewellery.

  • Wholesale coins in any currency

  • Coins from charity & fundraising collections

  • Pre-Euro coins


We Buy & Sell

          Retailers either have a surplus of coins from their daily income, or need more coins to use as change. We can help with both the purchase and the supply of coins.